Continuous Asset Discovery and Inventory

Continuously discover the assets that make up your Internet-facing attack surface and stay up to date as they evolve.

Used by the World’s greatest companies

Achieve Situational Awareness

Keep Pace With An Evolving Attack Surface

Our powerful discovery engine and asset inventory capabilities is at the core of what makes Assetnote the leading ASM platform in the space.

Gain Immediate Visibility

Assetnote provides ongoing monitoring of your external attack surface, adapting to its changes and enabling you to promptly detect and address critical security concerns. Gain immediate visibility into your security posture before the occurrence of quarterly penetration tests or breaches.

Stay In-Sync The Entire Time

Modern attack surfaces are continually evolving. Cloud-native architectures and modern development practices have led to highly fluid attack surfaces.

With Assetnote Continuous Security you can always be in-sync - no more out-of-date and scattered asset lists.

Integrate Awareness Across The Org

Improve the asset awareness of other systems and tools by utilizing our extensive API and integrations to leverage the detailed asset discovery and inventory capabilities of the Continuous Security Platform across your organization.

Customer Testimonials

"How did anybody live before Assetnote? [...] Glad you made it. It's an amazing platform."



"We got more done for our security in three days using Assetnote than we have in the last four years using [competing platform]."

VP, Information Security

Network Appliances

I asked our SOC Team manager how long they could live without Assetnote; minutes, hours, days? The answer was we cannot operate now without Assetnote.


F500 Tech

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