Built-In Security Research

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Assetnote is built on top of industry-leading offensive security research. Our techniques are what make Assetnote an Attack Surface Management Platform in its truest form.

The Platform of Choice

Patch 0-Days Before Everyone Else

Because we invest in our own 0-Day research and build it right into Assetnote's Exposure Engine, our customers are privy to unique vulnerabilities before the 90-day disclosure policy lapses. We aid our customers in remediating industry-impacting 0-days months before the patching scramble begins.

Novel Security Checks

Our expertise in offensive security means Assetnote's Exposure Engine is built with techniques and checks you won't find in other platforms. We know, firsthand, how these indicators can be leveraged and chained for larger exploits. Find them first with Assetnote.


  • HTTP Smuggling
  • Dangling EC2 IP's
  • Hosted Zone Takeover

Customer Testimonials

"We got more done for our security in three days using Assetnote than we have in the last four years using [competing platform]."

VP, Information Security

Network Appliances

"How did anybody live before Assetnote? [...] Glad you made it. It's an amazing platform."



I asked our SOC Team manager how long they could live without Assetnote; minutes, hours, days? The answer was we cannot operate now without Assetnote.


F500 Tech

Uniquely reduce your attack surface

Learn how you can reduce your attack surface by leveraging our expertise. See how customers use Assetnote's Discovery and Exposure engines to immediately know what needs to be remediated.

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