Deep Asset Enrichment

Contextualize and track assets as they evolve

Go beyond just a table of assets. Understand exactly what technology is running on each endpoint and see how it changes over time.

The Platform of Choice

Detect Client-Side and Server-Side Tech

Assetnote detects both client-side and server-side technology for each endpoint. The platform identifies versions so you can quickly find vulnerable dependencies, end-of-life technologies, and make quick decisions.

Track Current and Historic Changes

Assetnote updates information about each asset by the hour while keeping a historic record of what has changed over time. Security teams are able to view asset metadata at specific points-in-time to better contextualize and understand incidents as they occur.

Application Screenshots

Scroll through screenshot galleries to gain a visual understanding of your attack surface. Assetnote takes automated screenshots to help security teams see how endpoints are actually responding and for security leaders to get a visual high-level view of their environment.

Customer Testimonials

I asked our SOC Team manager how long they could live without Assetnote; minutes, hours, days? The answer was we cannot operate now without Assetnote.


F500 Tech

"How did anybody live before Assetnote? [...] Glad you made it. It's an amazing platform."



"We got more done for our security in three days using Assetnote than we have in the last four years using [competing platform]."

VP, Information Security

Network Appliances

Assetnote for Cloud Platforms

Learn how Assetnote is helping modern security teams fully secure single and multi-cloud environments at a rapid pace.

Ready to get started?

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