Unrivaled Exposure Detection

Identify high-signal exposures by the hour

Our advanced Exposure Engine provides high signal, real-time and continuous security monitoring of your assets. Every hour, our exposure engine analyses the entire attack surface of the organisation to uncover potential exposures.

The Platform of Choice

Comprehensive Exposure Types

Built from the ground up, our Exposure Engine has a focus on having a pragmatic and realistic view to exploitability, achieving tangible security impact for your organisation.

Assetnote Exposures are classified as the following:

  • Vulnerabilities
  • Indicators
  • Third-Party
  • Indicators of Compromise

Verified Exposures

Save time and money validating whether or not an alert is real. Assetnote provides verified exposures based on unique techniques so you can skip straight to remediation.

Exposure Monitoring

Avoid being left with legacy and unmanaged assets inherited during an acquisition.

With Assetnote Continuous Security Platform your view of the assets in your attack surface is always up to date as you work through merging or divesting assets.

Customer Testimonials

I asked our SOC Team manager how long they could live without Assetnote; minutes, hours, days? The answer was we cannot operate now without Assetnote.


F500 Tech

"We got more done for our security in three days using Assetnote than we have in the last four years using [competing platform]."

VP, Information Security

Network Appliances

"How did anybody live before Assetnote? [...] Glad you made it. It's an amazing platform."



No More False Positives, Trust Your Alerts Again

Learn how Assetnote's Exposure Engine is helping security teams find real exposures in real-time and make real security impact.

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